Meet Sadie Miller-Daley, LMHC

" I truly enjoy helping you navigate through life, and walk alongside you while you change. I've seen it result in happier futures."

Hi! I am Sadie Miller-Daley, practice owner and mental health counselor.
I work with clients from all different backgrounds and ages from a trauma informed and holistic perspective- mainly utilizing EMDR to help clients find healing from a range of problems in their lives. I have seen EMDR help clients heal from so many different struggles in a deeper way compared to talk therapy alone. If you have questions about EMDR and what it is- see our Faqs Page.
I am passionate about working with parents and new moms, individuals struggling with fertility, and all things in the adjustment to parenthood or within parenthood. I am also particularly passionate toward helping clients with trauma, negative thinking, low self esteem, and eating struggles. Trauma can show itself in SO many different forms and diagnoses. The more we understand trauma, from day to day experiences (Little t ) to major life events (big T), all of it shapes who we become and how we view the world.
It is important to me to look at the whole person, not just the symptoms causing a diagnosis. Within a more holistic perspective, I blend things such as nutrition, healthy habits, exercise, environment, complementary healing practices including spirituality to help assess and understand the clients world. Although I am not a dietician or doctor, I provide education on the mind-body connection and the importance of maintaining good overall wellness in order to improve mental health.
I am also big on meeting the client where they are at. You have to go into the hole, and sit with the client to understand what is going on for them. We then will work together to make a plan going forward, helping the client to achieve their goals and meet their needs. Trauma can make it hard for clients to see fully the ways in which negative thinking and trauma has impacted their lives. So goals and needs may change over time, and that is okay.
If you have any questions about my approach, or want to have a conversation, reach out via the link below so we can talk more! Email is my preferred method of initial contact. In this busy world- it is much easier to schedule a time to meet via email so we aren't playing phone tag.