Joe Daley

Joe Daley is a passionate advocate of health and wellness after going through his own wellness journey. He has done lots of training on supplements and foods that are complementary to mental health, and loves working on educating people about some of the ways they can be healthier. Additionally, he is finishing up certification as a personal trainer, and has worked as a personal trainer in a few gyms over the years. Having anxiety himself, he understands the importance of physical and nutritional health to aid in the healing of mental health conditions. Joe is very kind in meeting clients from a non judgmental perspective where they are at in their wellness journey. He helps clients to make meal plans, workout plans, and offers a monthly package that includes 1:1 support for accountability of health goals. Joseph provides a 10% discount to Sprouting Roots Counseling current clients to his regular rates. For more information about his services you can visit website, or reach out through our contact page and we can put you in touch!